Portrait of artist and painter David R. Anderson in his studio

David R. Anderson in the Studio


Son of missionary parents, David R.Anderson was born in Bogota, Columbia, and lived 12 years in Venezuela. He was in the forth grade when he did his first painting – a church in the Venezuelan town of Rubio. His family moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where a high school art teacher recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career in art. He went on to the University of Nebraska as an art major and then to the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After two years at the academy he was drafted into the Army. Impressed with the professionalism of a Marine recruiter, he joined the Marines. Following basic and infantry training he was accepted into the combat artist program and became one of a select group of five combat artists, serving in Vietnam.

After returning from Vietman, he continued his studies at the academy. He then moved to the Quad Cities to work as art director for Wilson and Lund advertising agency, and then joined John Deere advertising department. After working there for 33 years and painting when time permitted he retired in the fall of 2010 and is now pursuing his life long dream of painting full time.

Some of Dave’s accomplishments include:

  • Acceptance into the 2013 Salon Show of Traditional Oils
  • Acceptance into the Oil Painters National Show
  • Paintings for the Hardees Golf Classic
  • Award for Excellence from Arts for the Parks
  • Many Group and private art shows