Artist’s Statement

photo of artist david anderson painting outdoors

Dave Painting on Lee’s Farm

Henry Moore once said “sculpture should always at first sight have some obscurities and further meanings. People should want to go on looking and thinking; it should never tell all about itself immediately.”

I love to walk outside in tune with all my senses waiting for that tingle in my spine that says this is where you should paint. To then look and find what I’m reacting to and try and capture the feeling on my canvas. It may be a dominant object, a shaft of sunlight, or a combination of factors.

To see the overwhelming complexity and select the simple abstract shapes and color harmony that creates a visual interpretation of this particular moment in time. This to me is the wonderful and challenging adventure I accept when I venture out to paint.

Then to be able to share this with a viewer and see them experience a sense of discovery as they walk along with you.